Show Your Head! LG DX2500 Glasses-Free 3D Monitor

This new LG glasses-free 3D monitor, DX2500, comes with glasses-free parallax barrier 3D technology that makes you to enjoy your 3D in any angle and distance. For showing you the near-life 3D images, it needs to calculate precisely your position. That why, it also packs a head-tracking technology with an embedded camera.

In short, this new 3D monitor just needs to ask you to show your head. You are better not forgetting to bring your head when you are at front of this monitor.  After it recognized your head, it will send the best adjustment to your left and right eyes to display 3D images on a 25-inch screen.

Fashioned in sleek-elegant black finish, LG DX2500 glasses-free 3D monitor is available now at Korean market in around $1,155 and is going to hit worldwide in early 2012. [Dandy Gadget Source]