Simplify the Complexity with Blue Coat PacketShaper 12000 Appliances

Delivering an instants awareness of rapid growth of Web applications and contents, Blue Coat PacketShaper 12000 appliances will help your organization or company on the line of vision and mission with a little IT effort by classified it based on URL Category. For example, an organization can allow access to Facebook for status updates and chat while limiting bandwidth allocated to Facebook games. In another situation, when a new online game is discovered, it is classified in the Games category, and the PacketShaper appliance immediately controls it based on the defined policy for the category.

Meanwhile in traditional method that using a domain name to create policies, your IT need to create a new policy for each new application even if it is the same policy that is already in place for all other classified application. It’s a hard work, and surely you will miss a lot of time, and the policies that you created is a step-late behind. That’s why, you need a PacketShaper 12000 appliances to simplify the complexity in managing and controlling policies according to your organization need in real time.

More, Blue Coat PacketShaper 12000 enable manages up to 3 Gbps of aggregate throughput for typical enterprise traffic. It’s more than double performance of its predecessor PacketShaper 1000. Planed to hit market in December 2010 with price at $55,000. That’s a really lot of money. [Dandy Gadget Source]