Simplify Your Laptop and Mobile Device Charging by a New MAX Series from iGo, iGo EverywhereMAX

This Dandy Gadget: iGo has launched its new MAX Series, iGo EverywhereMAX which simplify charging your laptop and mobile Device at everywhere you want.

With iGo EverywhereMAX, you allow to charge your laptop, computers and smartphone with one single shot using iGo dualpower(sold separately).  This gadget is designed with sleek and slim , has an easy to pack carrying case and weight less than one pound, dandy.

Fashioned in 3.0″ x 5.6″ x 0.9″ dimension with black color, iGo EverywhereMAX universal power adapter is coming with $139.99 price tag.  Come and see it at CES 2009.