Sneak Preview of Instagram’s Polaroid Camera

Polaroid camera looks all set to resurrect itself from its death bed thanks to the very technology that pushed it off the market graph- the Internet. The famous camera company, Polaroid is planning to lend its brand name and its history to build a new digital camera that brings along web integration features besides looking surprisingly like the Instagram app.

Socialmatic had recently signed a memorandum of understanding with C&A Licensing, a company that is an authorized licensee of the Polaroid trademark. This MoU gives Socialmatic exclusive rights to produce instant digital cam under the Polaroid brand. Socialmatic is said to launch the new line of instant digital cameras by 2014.

The camera, presently known only as Socialmatic, captures images with the help of filters for which Instagram has become famous for. This means that users can post photos online using 3G or WiFi, can choose to get the photos printed or simply share them instantly. Socialmatic also promises to bring in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email integration. Besides social media integration, Socialmatic camera is likely to have its own picture sharing network as well.

The design makes the actual camera look less like a camera in the real sense of the term and more like an enlarged ‘Instagram’ logo, except that it will come without the actual logo. The concept behind the camera was first proposed in the year 2012. The idea became an instant success with many showing keen interest in the product and its web integration concept. Besides coming with a variety of image filters and web integration capabilities, the success of the concept owed a lot to its appearance. The camera had an uncanny resemblance to Facebook’s photo sharing app Instagram.

The camera, according to many reports emerging in social media circles, is said to have 16GB of internal memory, an external mass storage SC-HD slot, 3G connectivity and Wi-Fi connectivity besides a 4.3 inch responsive touch screen interface. There is a small screen around the back side of the camera that will help you in editing the photos and adding various photo-filters to the images. Apart from this, there is also a small slot on one side of the camera that will help you to print all your Insta-masterworks.

Strangely, every photo taken using this camera will have its own QR code. This annoying feature will make it easier for others in the virtual and real world to follow the photo.

In spite of the fact that the production is set to begin in 2014, there are a number of factors that go in to play before we actually see a final product. The MoU, firstly, should be made in to an actual contract, concrete specifications and design should be decided upon, and a manufacturer should be finalized above all. While this may take awhile, in the mean time we are better off enjoying our good ol’ Instagram.

Socialmatic may have breathed a life into the ailing Polaroid brand, but it is to be seen if the new camera has everything to make it the next Instagram.

This is a guest post by Tina Reeves. She is a writer who writes more about digital cable and high speed internet. You can get more information about cox tv if you visit the site.