Sony DPF-X95 Digital Photo Frame

This Dandy Gadget: Sony unveiled six new digital photo frames. I don’t know why Sony pushed himself to be more focusing on digital photo frame. It could be because Sony realized that the golden era of its e-book reader in great danger as Apple with the  iPad soon booming. To cover its loss of revenue that could be happen, Sony must push other products that doesn’t related to iPad market meanwhile trying to find out a counter attack.

The six new digital photo frames are DPF-X85, DPF-X95, DPF-D85, DPF-E85, DPF-E73, and DPF-A73. Among others, the DPF-X95 is the best version. It’s has a biggest screen 9.0-inches clear photo LCD with 800×400 resolution and 16:10 aspect ratio. Not only that, it’s also containing biggest internal storage: 2GB which you can store up to 4000 images. Thanks to card slot, you can expand storage capacity with MS/MS Duo/SD/SDHC/xD memory or directly want to see your camera shot just plug its memory on.

In addition, the DPF-X95 is containing 10 slideshow patterns, 17 clock and calendar designs, and auto orientation sensor. Well, you will not get tired  for seeing a whole of your images. It should be mentioned that this frame is only compatible with JPEG/RAW file.

New Sony DPF-X95 digital photo frame will be available in around March to June 2010. There is no clear information about the price tag. Sony, How much is it? [Dandy Gadget Source]