Sony Giga Juke NAS-E300HD with Built-in Walkman Port

This Dandy Gadget: Sony Giga Juke NAS-E300HD jukebox was announced by Sony along with NAS-SC500PK. It also contains a built-in Walkman port, it’s looked like Sony want to rise the sale of its Walkman. Or the Sony hoped that both of new jukeboxs will attract the owner of Sony’s walkman. I don’t know which one is the purpose of a built-in Walkman port in thus jukebox.

Unlike NAS-SC500PK, this new Sony jukebox only has 80GB hard disk, half of its brother. So, you can store your entire music collection up to 650 hours musics or 20,000 tracks of MP3 music and releasing your favorite tunes through 60W of amplification speakers that will deliver you a nice sound.

For recording from CD, you can simply insert the CD and press button. Then it will do it the rest for you. Simple, and Quick. Unluckily, the device is only compatible with MP3, AAC, and WMA formats.  While in Sony Giga Juke NAS-SC500PK, you can play more formats: MP3, AAC, Linear PCM, WMA and ATRAC. More, there is no feature  to play this jukebox as a music server.

Sony Giga Juke NAS-E300HD will be available at Europe market in Mid June 2009. Its price tag is less than NAS-SC500PK jukebox. Unknown price tag of NAS-SC500PK – ??? Euro = Price tag of Sony Juke NAS-E300HD. [Dandy Gadget Source]