Sony MDR-RF865RK Wireless Headphone, the Release Date?

No additional problem of wires with up to 100m distance coverage, a new Sony wireless headphone, MDR-RF865RK is a right tool to buddy you in hearing the sound of your musics or videos.

Meanwhile its 40mm driver unit pretty sure guarantees you for rich audio experience in deep bass response and clear pure sound to your ears. As the volume control mounted conveniently on the headphone, it gives you flexible option to enjoy the sound in ease.

The most problem in wearing a wireless thing is how long you can use it? But don’t worry, in full charge (it’s using  rechargeable batteries) condition the gadget can go along with your musics up to 25 hours.

When the batteries is low, just put into the charging dock. The dock will bring the MDR-RF865RK life again as well turn the gadget off automatically. No information, how much time does the dock need to pull the headphone back in full charge condition.

Dressed in black color, Sony officially didn’t announce the release date of MDR-RF865RK nor the price.  But it was said that the gadget will come in April 2011. Just wait, it’ll be another announcement from Sony soon. [Dandy Gadget Source]