New Sony “NXCAM” HD Camcorder — Does she has a name?

In under construction to be equipped with a Super-35mm equivalent large format CMOS sensor, Sony officially announced that the company will release a new type of E-mount interchangeable lens camcorder in NXCAM family which is designed for capturing motion picture.

According to Sony, the new camcorder will carry new sensor for providing a perfect performance in picture quality and sensitivity, and is able to create rich “Bokeh” effect (beautifully defocused image) that is perfect for artistic story-telling in motion picture.

It seem Sony is seriously digging on high-end digital cinema production. You maybe know, a long before this announcement Sony already has others camcorders which equipped a Super-35mm equivalent sensor, just says: “CineAlta”F3, SRW-9000L, and PMW-F3. In addition, the next NXCAM features a mount adaptor (LA-EA1) so you are enable to use various “a”A-mount lenses on as well as possible to attach many other lenses using third-party mount adaptors.

Unfortunately, there is no futher information about name, pricing, and when it will be available yet. Sony said the next NXCAM HD camcorder will come to you in middle of next year. It could be far from your imagination, but surely it will feed your expectation in a way. What is her name, Sony? [Dandy Gadget Source]