Sony VPL-HW30ES 3D Front Projector, Watch Your Avatar II at Home!

Avatar, the most success 3D movie, directed by James Cameron, has gross more than $2 billion, surpassing the Titanic, is rumored to be back with its second sequel, Avatar II. When the time comes, you are ready with a new 3D projector from Sony, VPL-HW30ES.

Powered by Sony’s SXRD technology, the Sony VPL-HW30ES front projector boasts up to 70,000:1 dynamic contras, and 1,300 lumens output. Coupled with Motionflow, 24p True Cinema and supports a wide variety of 3D formats, the new projector delivers great full high definition video, film-like image, both 3D or 2D in vary of ways. So you can enjoy to watch your Avatar II later at your home.

Plus, the new 3D projector features 2D to 3D conversion fuction and four modes available: cinema, sport, gaming, and photo viewer. The 2D to 3D conversion function enables you to simulate 3D contents from 2D format. While the four modes helps you to get a maximum viewing based on your contents. As note, you still need a 3D glasses to see your 3D movies.

Sony VPL-HW30ES front projector is expected to hit US market in July 2011 in MSRP $3699.99 along with its new active shutter 3D glasses(TDG-PJ1), and 3D transmitter(TMR-PJ1). Is it true the Avatar will be back with its second sequel? [Dandy Gadget Source]