Speakal iExecutive Docking Station, Now on Amazon!

Cute, clean, unique design in snow white finish, it’s a perfect dock for your iPhone or iPod. You also enable to connect Speakal iExecutive to your TV, CD, or USB flash or memory card or even your gaming console. Although it’s crafted in compact size, its 20 Watt subwoofer with Dynamic down firing Bass Reflex technology promises a clear, crisp, sound experience.  And you can control entire process remotely or by touching the panel.

But, I don’t really recommend this iExecutive docking station if you are only looking a dock on purpose to run your only iPod. In some case, its $259.99 price on amazon.com is more expensive than your iPod. You just skip my opinion, if you are a perfection addicts or tech-crazy or someone who doesn’t really care about the amount of money.

Honestly, Speakal iExecutive is truly a good docking station in now market. However, like what I said above, you should give a big mark on its price. Did i mention clock, and alarm? [Dandy Gadget Source]