Stylish and Speedy? Network Consulting Mobile Cube WiMax Mobile Router

Stylish? Well, it’s hard to say it’s not. The red-white candy color is delicious enough on my eyes catching. Thus, it took me to the conclusion that this new Network Consulting WiMax mobile router, Mobile Cube or IMW-C910W, is a stylish gadget. Perhaps, you don’t agree with me. It’s only a matter of taste, right?

With compact size, 67(W) x 67(H) x 14.2(D) mm and only 69g mass, this new WiMax mobile router has an ability to talk with eight WiFi-enable devices at the same time through IEEE802.11b/g connectivity for up to 10 hours in full battery. Moreover, it only needs around five seconds to recognize a new device such your smartphone or tablet. Is it speedy enough, right?

Network Consulting Mobile Cube WiMax mobile router is going to hit Japanese market in December 1, 2011. Meanwhile, the price tag is not yet announced by the company. Did I mention three hours recharge time? [Dandy Gadget Source]