2012 VW Beetle Classic Premium Car — The Second Evolution

A top-brand car manufacture, VolksWagen will debut its second evolution of VW Beetle, the 2012 VW Beetle at Shanghai Auto Show 2011. The classic in modern style could be the main point of this premium car.

This new VW Beetle car comes with premium interior and exterior design and bring both TSI and TDI engine to North America version, and only TDI engine for Europe version. The car can achieve up to 225km/h maximum speed.

Dressed in 4728(L)x1808(W)x1486(H) dimension in three available colors: red, black and white (at least that what I know), 2012 VW Beetle premium car is expected to hit US market in around September to October 2011, European market in October 11 2011, followed with Asian market in February 2012, and South America in 2013. [Dandy Gadget Source]