The 5 top desktop computers

You would be forgiven for thinking that desktop computers are a bit old hat. Many people now use laptops, tablets and smart phones to connect to the internet and to perform various other tasks that could once only be done on a desktop computer.

However, there is still a real need for desktop PCs and for a lot of tasks they are still the best devices for the job. That is why a large proportion of offices are still equipped with desktop computers. It is more comfortable to be sat at a desktop PC than hunched over a laptop, so for work that lasts a few hours a desktop computer is certainly better. Modern PCs are more compact and light than they used to be too, which means that they need not take up very much of your space, either in the workplace or at home. The large monitors that are available now also mean you can have a nice clear view of the work you are doing. Alternatively these monitors are great for playing games, and many people use desktop PCs for game playing. Desktop PCs can also be upgraded and easily repaired and maintained with leads, panels and server racks from retailers such as If you are looking for a new desktop computer then here are the 5 top options available on the market right now:

1) Wired2Fire Velocity VX
If you are looking for a mid range price desktop computer which works well as an all rounder then this could be just the one for you. It has 8GB of RAM, 3.8GHZ CPU and 1TB. It therefore packs a punch and will do practically anything you demand of it. This is a handsome desktop with a wide monitor, making it great for entertainment.

2) Asus Transformer P1801
Asus is a growing company that makes some great PCs, including this desktop model. It can also be transformed (hence the name) into an 18.4 inch tablet. It therefore offers the best of both worlds for gamers and workers. It had plenty of memory too and is super slim and compact.

3) Sony Vaio Tap 20
This is another device which functions as a desktop PC but also as a tablet when disassembled. The screen is functional in portrait and landscape modes and even when laid flat, and it has a touch screen facility. This is a great desktop computer that is suitable for work, play and more.

4) HP Z1 Workstation
The HP Z1 Workstation is great for a whole variety of purposes. This is thanks to the fact that it is upgradeable, so it will do whatever you require it to do. This is a sleek, good looking device that is effective and highly compact.

5) Chillblast Fusion Blaze
This Chillblast desktop PC has a 23 inch monitor and offers great capability for entertainment and work. This is s growing brand and one that you will see more of in the next year or two.