KDDI iida G9 Mobile Pico Projector

This Dandy Gadget: Trying to satisfied your need in seeing your phone video or picture at large scale, KDDI Japan released its pico projector, iida G9 pico projector. The working of this device is simple, you just connect your mobile phone that compatible with the device, such as: G9, Cyber-shot S001, CA001, Wooo Keitai H001, Exilim Keitai W63Ca, etc via video output.

Primarily KDDI iida G9 pico projector is designed for small presentation and not focused for use as home theater system. That way, this device only equieps manual focus, LCD panel with 480×320 resolution, up to 63 inches size of projected image, and up to 2,5m projection distance. Share your idea via your mobile phone???

KDDI iida G9 pico projector is set at 39,600 yen at Japan market and will be available this Sunday. [Dandy Gadget Source]