The best PS4 games 2018

After the launch of PS4 four years ago, multiple games have emerged to offer players a variety of options to choose from. Based on experience, we have played multiple PS4 games and developed some recommended games to help you experience more with your PS4. In this article, we have gathered the best PS4 games based on past and current ratings above 8 by different users. After playing and analyzing hundred of games yearly, we have established the cream of the crop to give the best PS4 games that almost every player will find interesting.

God of War
God of War remains the first priority for most gamers because it is more compatible with PS4 Pro. This game is much differentiated giving more than 50 hours of exceptional gameplay. Even after an extensive franchise from other Companies around the world, it is recognized as the best game in the sequence to date. God of War has a well established combat system and efficient imaginative world design for all players who own PS4. The top Pros that make God of War to appear among the most popular PS4 games 2018 are;
It has excellent father tale
Non-existence of load screens
Large volume of gameplay
Incredibly attractive

The Lost Legacy (Uncharted)
This excellent game about Uncharted stars Nadine Ross and Chloe Frazer travelling global regions looking for ancient treasure. In spite of occurring in exterior of the main series, the lost legacy is as gorgeous as its siblings. At a point, Stuart Andrews admired it and gave 10/10 rating commenting that it ranks among the best blockbusters in summer. Automatically, this game adopts complete advantage of the PS4 having HDR and 4k visuals. The great features of this game include;
Unique imaginative world design
Attractive Uncharted gameplay
Amazing visuals

Far Cry 5
The most recent Ubinsoft’s Far Cry series placed in imaginary hope county, Montana. Far Cry 5 lets you play as a deputy who find themselves fighting the Eden’s gate. This strange cult puts the locals under slavery of operating like mindless puppets while carrying their notion. Generally, Far Cry 5 has crazy features that make it popular among PS4 owners. The best features that make this game appealing are;
Visionary action in astounding scenery
More organic and detailed than previous Far Cries
Friendly animals and gleaming specialists

The Last of US Remastered
The last of US was considered as the best game after the launch of PS3, and its remaster stands out as one of the best PS4 game you can purchase in 2018. Currently, this game is integrated with graphics including 4k scaling and HDR support for PS4 Pro. There are also other graphical advancements such as better framerate, enlarged draw distance and improved battle mechanic. Additionally, there is a magnificent photo mode that makes any game efficient. The vital benefits that motivate players to play this game are;
Advanced graphics and soft border rates
The multi player option functions faster
Outstanding and Excellent story telling.

Bloodborne is recognized as a PS4 incredible game after it was launched back in 2014. If you are interested in playing difficult and most challenging games, then you need to install bloodborne. The most interesting factor is that this game is completely free in all playstations, so what else are you expecting? Most gamers admire the stylish plane design, thick atmosphere and reliable mechanics present in this game.

Following its launch in January 25, 2018, it becomes difficult to go for a day without interacting with indigenous design and convincing writing of this game. This game will make you think as if you are on the same journey with Madeline and even experience similar imaginative situations with her. This game has excellent HD remaster that makes it more compatible with your PS4 Pro. The top pros of playing this game in your PS4 include:
Extensively Amazing
Improved graphics and creative tale

Yakuza 6
This game is among the most recommended games for PS4 as it doubles down what made this series immense. It gives a wonderful Japanese experience and graphical representation to both existing and newcomer players. The narrative given in its scenes is clear and sincere. The energetic battle structure remains electrifying even after defeating multiple enemies. The song of life and amazing graphics make this game rank top for PS4 Pro owners 2018. Players from different platforms have rated this game more than 9/10 because of its appealing interaction. If you want an appealing and excellent gaming experience with your PS4, then why don’t you try Yakuza 6?

What Remains of Edith Finch
This game involves a walking and mystical adventure developed by Giant Sparrow. The weird family storyline given in this game has admirable graphics for PS4 owners. If you are still wondering the best game to choose, then What Remains of Edith Finch is a great selection for you. The stories are presented in absolutely different way that will regularly overcome your expectations. The key pros that make this game brilliant for PS4 owners include;
Incredible storyline
Superb graphical designs
Highly responsive controls

Dragon Ball FighterZ
Dragon Ball FighterZ is a 2.5D game originally published by Bandai Namco Entertainment on 26th January 2018. Based on their franchise, this game was designed specifically for PS4 owners integrating fighting concepts from different games. It begins by forming a team of three characters from the stipulated beginning roster of 24. The top pros that will offer excellent gaming experience for PS4 users are;
Variety of Unique moves
It is a 2.5G game
Quality graphic designs

In the end, playing game is only about fun and taste.. not list. Your games?