The Bose Next Generation SoundDock System for Your iPod

This Dandy Gadget: Offering you a docking station for your iPod. This is a new product from Bose to cover your taste in exploring your musics via iPod which is designed in gloss black color, with sound system and a dock station in-font and remote control. Designed with professional show the elegance, and luxury. So, wherever you place this thing, it will have a good and suit looking.

Just dock your iPod, The SoundDock will play for you, bring your favorite songs to life. Then, You will hear subtleties you may never have noticed from tunes you thought you knew by heart. Its system proprietary acoustic design delivers a greater performance than you’d expect from an iPod speaker system this small. One more, it can charge your iPod too.

Bose SoundDock System has 16.9 cm x 30.3 cm x 16.5 cm size and weight 2.1 kg. The price is set at $315.99.