Amosu Diamond Pink 16GB iPhone 3G

This Dandy Gadget: Want something special gift for your girl? Pink color is the right choice. Amosu Diamond Pink 16GB iPhone 3G will make your girl never forget the moment. Although she might not care about you, but surely, the Diamond Pink iPhone will still with her. I can guarantee that, because this luxury smartphone has luxurious, elegance, and beauty of diamond that fits female fashion.

Amosu Diamond Pink 16GB iPhone 3G as the name, this dandy gadget features 572 diamonds at edge that cut by briliant cut with color F, VS clarity, and aprox 3.71 bezel carat. The technical specs is same as the original 16GB iPhone 3G, powered by iPhone 2.0 OS. The price sets at $10,000, a lot of money, right? [Dandy Gadget Source]