JAKKS Pasific EyeClops Mini Projector

This Dandy Gadget: Have you seen a mobile phone with built-in projector from Philips. Oh, man, the prototype has ugly looking. You don’t have to push yourself to having a projector mobile phone for just transfer your mobile contents to a big screen. JAKKS Pacific, Inc. has announced a mini projector, EyeClops, which is pocket-sized and lightweight, so you can take it anywhere indoor, outdoors and on-the-go. With This EyeClops, you can virtually anything on your mobile phone up to 70 inches.

Not only mobile phone, you can also combine this device with other multimedia devices such as Blu-ray, DVD players, MP3, and video game consoles. So, Play your video games outside in a backyard tent? Projecting the football game on the side of your house so the whole party can watch the big game outdoors? Now it’s possible with the EyeClops, a big screen TV experience will be delivered in the palm of your hand.

JAKKS Pasific EyeClops mini projector is expected to be available in Fall 2009 with suggested retail price $99.99. [Dandy Gadget Source]