The First Branding Switcher, BrandMaster From Pixel Power

This Dandy Gadget: Injected with sophisticated graphics capability for branding directly at the point of transmission, BrandMaster puts a complete suite of automated broadcast graphics tools and full master control functionality inside a single, integrated device, making it easier to deliver a consistent, fully realized identity for a channel in standard or high definition.

PixelPower also utilized the BrandMaster with an upstream router for crosspoint switching that fully support for major routing control protocols the system can work with local master control routers or busses on the main station router.  More, BrandMaster features full audio handling which is included for multichannel sound with shuffling and voiceover capabilities which seamlessly integrates with all leading automation systems.

PixelPower BrandMaster is available for immediate order at $20,000 US of starting price. You can see the demo of this gadget in April 20-23 in booth SU10012 at National Association of Broadcaster Show. [Dandy Gadget Source]