The Last Grey Label of Polaroid — Polaroid GL30 Instant Printer Camera [CES 2011]

This is  the last Grey Label of Polaroid, Polaroid GL30 instant printer camera. The gadget is closely similar to GL10 with embedded a camera near its printing output. Like GL10, Polaroid GL30 is also using ZINK Technology in its printer.

Having size in compact design, you can palm GL30 camera to everywhere you want to go and easily capture an object with instantly reveal the result on a paper. Sadly, from the image, you cannot connect the device to other devices. There is no port, this is a standalone device.

Polaroid is displaying GL30 now at CES 2011 and will be available in market later in this year in unknown pricing yet. See the demo before you buy it??  Lady Gaga, I’m coming to take your picture, just wait.  [Dandy Gadget Source]