Motion J3400 Rugged Tablet PC

This Dandy Gadget: Coming with a powerfull processor in a compact rugged design without the extra weight and rubberized coating for shock dampening, Motion J3400 suits you well in every work areas. Adopting an outdoor sunlight readable 12.1” wide screen with active digitizer, Hot swappable dual battery capability gives you the option of a full day of performance.

Speaking about rugged, The J3400 features a 1.8 inch hard disk drive (HDD) up to 160GB that provides extra shock protection, Shock-mounted display and HDD with DataGuard, an accelerometer that protects data during drops or other events that could potentially damage the hard drive, and an optional 64GB SSD for extreme shock and vibration protection.

Motion J3400 tablet PC is powered by Intel Core2 duo processor with Vista Business OS and up to 4GB memory. The Motion Computing sets the price of this gadget at $2,299. [Dandy Gadget Source]