The Perfect of Black and White! Casio G-Shock X The Hundreds GWM5610TH-1

These colors, black and white, are the most basic colors in our life. However, in the hand of The Hundreds, they show something different. The company cleverly exploded them in the right tone on the new G-Shock watch, GWM5610TH-1, to reveal the simple of white and black to match your high lifestyle.

The GWM5610TH-1 brings sleek-stylish design with one of the strap in white while other in black. I’m not sure why each of the strap coming with different color. It’s just only an art or has other meaning on it, I’m not sure. You tell me! To showing you that it’s designed by The Hundreds, you will find The Hundreds brand on the watch and on the package.

Like other G-Shock watches, this new watch employs the rugged and tough technical elements. It features shock resistance, 200M water resistance, Multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping, tough solar power, world time for 48 cities and so on. Casio said it’s a multi-purpose timepiece that suits your parties.

If you knew the location of The Hundreds stores, you will not have any difficulties to find Casio G-Shock X The Hundreds GWM5610TH-1 in March 2012. This watch will be available there and at other boutiques as well as at for only $160. Rebecca Minkoff or Dee & Ricky or The Hundreds, which one is your favorite brand?