The Release Date of Sony Xperia S Smartphone

Displayed at CES 2012, this new Sony Smartphone, Xperia S, had taken lot visitors to see. It could be because this is the first Smartphone under Sony Brand, no longer using Sony Ericsson, or its new design with a transparent line at base that provides illumination effect. I’m sure you have your own reason.

Whatsoever your reason in liking or not liking this new Xperia,  it can’t discard the fact that the Xperia S employs powerful components to talk with your multimedia contents. It features 1.5GHz dual core processor, 1GB RAM, 4.3-inch Reality display with Bravia mobile engine, 1.5GB built-in storage, 12MP Sony Exmor  R Full HD rear camera, a HD front camera, HDMI, DLNA, and so on. Those ensure your apps and multimedia or even your mobile games run smoothly and clearly.

This is a good Smartphone, right? It’s worthy enough to be waited, but for how long? Even the CES 2012 cannot answer the mystery around the release date of Sony Xperia S clearly. Luckily, recently I got information that this Smartphone will hit US market after MWC 2012, in around March 2012. Is it really in March 2012? Did I mention Android 2.3 OS and PlayStation Certified?[Dandy Gadget Source]