The Sexiest White Tablet Comes Sexier! Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE with 10 Corso Como Limited Edition Case

Partnered with 10 Corso Como, Samsung will launch a limited edition of Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE case.  The famous designer of 10 Corso Como, Chris Ruth, added 10 Corso Como profile: artistic dots and Leaf painting based on European art into the case.

However, it seems Samsung will not sell this case separately. It is going to be bundled with the Galaxy Tab 8.9 LTE white version (not so sure). According to image, the bundled-tablet is also bringing 10 Corso Como nuances such: 10 Corso Como Wallpaper and screensaver. No doubt, the combination between the sexiest white tablet and sexy case will make the tablet could talk to ladies teasingly.

Whether separated or bundled, this exlusive case is a worthy thing to wait. Not long! Samsung will release it in January 15, 2010 in Korean 10 Corso Como store. Unfortunately, there is no information yet about the price tag or you could wish Samsung would be in good mood for giving you this cute case without any charge. Only for Korean? [Dandy Gadget Source]