The Three Best Panasonic 3D Viera HDTV Series at CES 2012

While other manufacturers are trying to high their 3D TVs using Ultra Definition or OLED technology, Panasonic still believes on its plasma technology. Not getting rush to jump to those technologies is not a bad choice as other supported devices such Smartphone and digital cameras don’t have suitable technologies yet to perfectly roll with OLED or UD technology. Indeed, when you are watching 3D contents on Plasma compared to OLED is not slightly different.

Anyway, here are the three best Panasonic Viera 3D HDTV Series at CES 2012: VT50 series, GT50 Series, and ST50 series. All those new 3D HDTVs bring the NeoPlasma Black 2500 and advanced gradation technologies with a new custom driver LSI and a fast switching phosphor panel. Those guarantee the near-life full HD 1080p resolution images in both 2D and 3D mode like you are watching 3D movies at Cinema.

Integrated with web browser, a built-in WiFi and full DLNA support, HDMI, USB port, Bluetooth, memory card slot and Viera Link, those new 3D HDTV series provide you wide range entertainment sources to roll your enjoyment, such internet. Coupled by multitasking (VT50 and GT50) and 3D Real Sound with 8 train speakers, you have your 3D Cinema theater at home.

The best? The best of the best among them is the Veira VT50 series. It employs infinite black ultra panel, while others come with infinite black pro panel. It also shows the most beauty design, one sheet of glass design.

Panasonic VT50 series Plasma 3D Viera HDTV is going to hit store in two models: 55-inch (TC-P55VT50) and 65-inch (TC-P65VT50). Meanwhile the GT50 and ST50 series will be available in 50-inch to 65-inch models. Unfortunately, there is no word about their pricing and availability. In March 2012? [Dandy Gadget Source]