The Top Nokia Mobile This Christmas

Christmas is a hugely important time of year for the manufacturers of mobile phones, just as it is for other commercial enterprises, but particularly for them as the mobile market seems to be immune to the economic slump. People simply can’t get enough of the latest mobile models – at least for as long as companies can continue to innovate. Nokia, one of the biggest names in this sector, has released a lot of new models in time for Christmas 2011, making it hard to pick the best one overall. However the Nokia Lumia 710 offers most of the best features at an affordable price.

The Lumia 710 – designed for Windows – has much in common with the ritzier 800 model, which is Nokia’s signature model for this Christmas, but it is much more affordable, albeit at the expense of a few of the features. Both phones feature 480 x800, 3.7 inch displays, but the 710 has a TFT panel rather than the more expensive Super AMOLED display offered by the 800. The other major differences are the lower mega pixel count in the camera – 5 rather than 8 – a lower amount of memory in the internal flash and a smaller battery. This may seem rather a lot less overall, but not when you consider the comparative prices: the 800 retailing at £420 compared to £270 for the 710. Obviously the 800 will represent the best option for the dedicated cutting edge mobile enthusiast with no money worries, but for many who have to think about budgets, the 710 still offers much for a great deal less.

For instance the software for the 710 is Windows Phone 7.5 smartphone, which sacrifices nothing in comparison to its more expensive stablemate. The 710 also has the advantage of the company’s navigation software, Nokia Drive, in addition to the company’s in-house Music and Mix Services for radio.

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