Thin and Sexy….Asus Eee PC S101 Netbook

This Dandy Gadget: Asus launched Eee PC S101 netbook a month ago, but likely was being popular after Itaewon Starbucks today (20th), Seoul in Korea.

So,what do you think about this Eee PC S101? The great thing that show up to us is the color design, shiny color, golden color that available in three kinds, brown, champagne, graphite goldish, it makes the S101 has sleek and elegant style. Moreover, the weight is also an attractive one, for about 1 kg with 25mm thick. I rather to say, the S101 is a thin and sexy netbook.

This new netbook is  powered by Intel Atom N270 CPU and 1GB memory, offers 62GB of storage space at maximum, and its single drive comprised of 16GB SSD guarantees more stable, faster speed and ample storage space. (Eee PC 1002H uses 160GB hard disk)

Asus Eee PC S101 netbook uses 4cell polymer battery, a first in netbooks. Polymer batteries are safe from electrolyte leakages, stable even at a high temperature and can be recharged more than 800 times. The netbook adopts a new heat protection structure and generates less heat by up to 10 degrees and less noise by up to 7dB in comparison to existing netbooks.

The Super Hybrid Engine existing in the S101 shows a 10% improvement in super performance mode, and the battery saving mode reduces the power consumption by 15%. Adding onto this is the new Xpress path booting feature that allows Windows XP to be up and running in 28 seconds.

Furthermore, the outer design has been decked with a new style: Swarovski crystal hinges, 8 layers of UV coated body, palmrest of hairline anodized aluminum, a metallic glossy edge achieved over 39 processes, and pearl-coated keyboard completed over a total of 20 hand-processes. The price is set at $899.99.