This is The day For Pre-Ordering Apple iPad

This Dandy Gadget: A lot of website talks about Apple iPad. Does it really dandy thing? I can not answer that thing for you. If you want to know by your self in quick way, only one way left: just order this iPad right now as Apple said This day, March 12 is the opening for iPad pre-ordering.

Apple sets iPad price at $499. It, according to Apple, is an affordable price. Although, you will be charge by monthly payment more higher than eReader. If you think this gadget is not powerful as the Apple and other websites said, you just wait and quiet until someone told you or reviewed this gadget.

For me, Apple iPad is a dandy gadget that should be look more deeply. For buy, I don’t necessary need it, I still have my notebook for on-the-go purposes. Let’s we meet again in April 3 2010 when Apple iPad is on your hands [Dandy Gadget Source]