Topcon Aquila Hybrid Microscope, Real All-in-One Clean Design!

Looking into a micro-size thing is not my hobby. But it could be your hobby or your must-do job. Here, Topcon offers a new hybrid scope, Aquila (sound like my girlfriend’s name).  Boasted with latest SEM technology, the  gadget could magnify up to 30x optical mode, and 50,000x as SEM.

Plus, Topcon Aquila hybrid scope is an integrated system with real all-in-one design. OM, SEM, CPU and vacuum are fashioned in one place of rugged tower. There are wheels on its foot to make easier be moved from one place to other. Simply by connect it to the monitor you will have your object displayed on the screen. Furthermore, the new scope is featuring one-click macro to micro viewing and you enable to rotate or tilt your image without re-inserting the object.

Fashioned in 0.3m2 foot print with easy sample loading (no tools or screws needed), Topcon Aquila hybrid scope is available now at Topcon official site. Just contact them, about its price, it’s affordable price for your company (but not for me). [Dandy Gadget Source]