TransCard Will Spread New Fun in Your Shopping by Offering a Contactless NFC-enabled Watch, Watch2Pay!

A contactless NFC-enabled device in wristwatch form, Watch2Pay, has received a successful achievement in becoming a new way trend of shopping at several countries in Europe. With no longer need to bring our original MasterCard in your wallet, our card will always be with us on our wrist at every event of our shopping and easier to do payment by just make it close to the NFC reader. Directly, it gives us three stones in one package, reducing the possibility of losing the card in ways, always knowing about the time of each shopping moments and creating more fun shopping.

Luckily, the TransCard allows the spreading of the fun of shopping using this Watch2Pay in US through their prepaid program. At near future this Watch2Pay NFC-enabled watch is going to be available at financial institution that using TransCard program.

So, if you are still not using TransCard service, it’s the time for you to think it again. Watch2Pay…It’s about time, it’s about money – time is money..ehmm.. it looks so sweet!