OCZ Z-Drive PCI-Express Ultra Fast SSD Up to 1TB

This Dandy Gadget: OCZ unveiled its latest SSD, Z-Drive PCI-Express SSD,which is based on cutting-edge PCI Express architecture that breaks through the performance barriers previously found with SATA interface and used Flash technology with a combined 256MB of local cache and an onboard RAID controller, giving you a storage that has high performance, more space, cost saving, and less power consume.

This new OCZ SSD is available in three sizes: 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB and supports both Windows and Mac OS with Pci-Express 2.0 interface(4x), displayed in 245x124x22mm dimension. The gadget can perform up to 450MB/s read speed, up to 300MB/s write speed, and up to 200MB/s substained write speed.

OCZ did not mention the price tag of Ultra Fast OCZ Z-Drive PCI-Express SSD. Sorry:D. [Dandy Gadget Source]