Ulysse Nardin Chairman Smartphone

This Dandy Gadget: Along with Moonstruck, Ulysse Nardin also announced this Chairman Smartphone. As always, The Ulysse Nardin shows a beauty in luxury design and doesn’t leave the watch behind. The LCD display is background by the clock, the button, and body is made by 18k rose gold and sapphire glass. Is this for chairman? Lets me think!!!! I think so because it must be really expensive, right? Who can afford that price? Chairman.

ulysse_nardin_chairman_smartphone_luxury_phones_cellulars_and_phones_gadgetsUlysse Nardin Chairman Smartphone features a 2.8-inch multi-touch screen, WiFi, 5.0 megapixel camera, E-mail and internet application. For secure this smartphone, the Ulysse Nardin included also fingerprint reader and phone lock into the smartphone. Be careful, this one is limited. [Dandy Gadget Source]