Ulysse Nardin has made the Pride of Baltimore alive on limited gold watch – Classico Pride of Baltimore

The Pride of Baltimore, a legendary topsail schooner sailed by the privateer Thomas Boyle, has sunk and captured 17 British vessels. She was a monster to its enemies, she was tough, but at the end, she was beaten by nature at Puerto Rico at 1986.

Now, after century has passed, the well-known watchmaker, Ulysse Nardin, casts his magic to make this legendary topsail schooner come back alive on a limited gold watch edition, Classico Pride of Baltimore. Of course, she is no longer has purpose to disturb the British vessels or as a Goodwin ambassador of Baltimore and state of Maryland as the Pride of Baltimore II. She is made purposely to be your ambassador to shine your style to the world through a stylish-luxury appearance of Pride of Baltimore enamel dial in 40mm 18k white or rose gold case.

To perfect the luxury taste, the hour/minute/second hands, time indicators as well as the crown are made based on the case’s material, 18k white gold for white gold model and 18k rose gold for rose gold model. Meanwhile, for the precision of time marking, it carries UN815 caliber self-winding movement with 42 hours power reserve.

ulysse-nardin-classico-pride-of-baltimore-sexy-duoThe release date and pricing
Like other Ulysse Nardin‘s watches, the company also doesn’t reveal any clue around the price of this Classico Pride of Baltimore. it only said this model has only 30 pieces available for each of 18k white gold model and 18k rose gold model. Did I mention 50m water resistant, open case back, and anti-reflective sapphire crystal?