Unleash Your Graphic Card’s Power with Asus EAH4870 MATRIX

The New Gadget: Graphic card’s Republic of Gamer (ROG) Asus EAH4870 MATRIX will sure bring you more interesting tastes in playing games. Supported by Radeon HD 4870, it guarantees the high quality images on your monitor.

Out of the box, the EAH4870 MATRIX has a good looking, with two coolers and fans, grey color make it suitable enough for your open or transparent casing. unfortunately this the card size is 4.376 inches x 9.5 inches, a little longer than the common cards, so you need more space in your motherboard. You will have a difficulty to put this card onto your motherboard which has a memory slot near the card slot.

But, the most important thing is it works in DDR5 which has standard bus PCI Express 2.0, 512MB DDR5, engine clock 770 MHz, D-Sub Output, DVI Output, HDTV Output(YPbPR), HDCP compliant, HDMI Output guarantee your games boost in full power and speed in 3D or 2D.

Moreover, this EAH4870 MATRIX consume 54% less power than others that surprised the generic boards, adjust the GPU and memory voltage accurately,and completely monitor the GPU/Memory/power IC/ambient temperatures. The price is set at $759.99.