Upgrade Resistive Touch Screens For Versatile Devices

Resistive touch screens are the bread and butter of industrial touch screen applications. They’re immune to electromagnetic Interference, they can be operated with gloves or styli, and they are an economical option. They have low development costs and they are easy to integrate, so you can get applications to market quickly and affordably. They also have a low power consumption, so applications can reliably be battery-powered for long periods of time. They are a favorite touch screen technology in supply chain management and industrial settings for these very reasons.

For more applications that require greater durability, you can find touch screen companies that make them waterproof or more rugged, but for armored glass, resistance to spalling, imperviousness to water and contaminants like dust, solvents, or food, scratch-resistant glass, and operability in extreme temperatures (such as use in freezing climates), you may need to look into ULTRA resistive touch screens made by A D Metro.

This is a company that has been manufacturing touch screens for over two decades and offers several lines for multiple purposes. They build touch screens for mobile computing, retail kiosks, digital signage, transportation, and industrial applications like industrial PDAs, control panels, and all-in-one PCs. Their biggest innovation in resistive touch screen technology, the ULTRA resistive touch screen, has been tested to over 200 million operations. It’s used in a wide variety of commercial, industrial, and even military applications, thanks to its mission-critical durability. Popular commercial uses include ATMs and other outdoor kiosks, because it’s weatherproof and vandal-proof. It’s also used in industrial automation, as it can withstand the tough conditions of an automated shop-floor. As more factories move toward total automation and rely on the Internet of Things, touch screens that can withstand the factory environment are going to become more and more crucial to the everyday industrial environment.

For control panels that require multi-touch and gesture control, but are still durable, touch screen supplier A D Metro has recently announced the next generation of capacitive touch screens: multiplexed projective capacitive. Operating over a band of radio frequencies on a single common buss track, rather than the usual one, with each sensor connected to the buss track, each channel operates on its own frequency, all sent through a single wire. This means that you don’t need to reprogram when you change the orientation from landscape to portrait, creating more versatile devices. You no longer need a short sensor cable to stop cross-talk and the device is considerably more tolerant to radio interference, all with a similar cost and production to typical capacitive touch screens.

Industrial touch screens have to be durable – and while you can get enhancements that will make industrial PDAs and controls panels that can handle harsher environments, the ULTRA resistive touch screen is designed for extreme temperatures and rugged, outdoor use. It’s time to upgrade your resistive touch screens to technology that can withstand the worst that any of your clients can throw at it.