Canon VB-C60 PTZ Network Camera

A tight security is a must thing we should mention first when we are starting a business. Keeping all valuable things in safe place with high monitoring can lead our business or small shop to run according to the plan. We cannot do that job by depending to our security man or our naked eyes alone, we need a  tool that never sleep and eat to do it. This new network camera from Canon, VB-C60, can help us.

By featuring a 1/4-inch CCD image sensor and a 3.4mm to 136mm focal length lens with 40x optical zoom with AF, 56 degree wide-angle, the VB-C60 can cover a large space in both indoor and outdoor area, and send directly to our network video monitoring in clear-sharp image. And the availability of night mode and day mode makes this camera suitable to work day and night. It’s a smart and perfect solution for our security problem.

Our Dark Knight, Canon VB-C60, will watch every single movements around us day and night, never bored, never tired. Of course, you must pay a lot for this new gadget. price $1749.99