Vodafone New VVIP Video Campaign, Jenson Button Does not Know How to Tease a Girl!

Being a world’s famous F1 driver doesn’t guarantee that it can charm any girl in the world. Don’t believe me! Look at the image above; Jenson Button tried to tease a beautiful girl who was having serious conversation through her phone (you should give me her number if you know her).

Using an umbrella? That was the bad-est way in approaching a girl. Perhaps Jenson Button though his umbrella girls attract him much before his racing, so he did the same way to this girl. The result, the girl didn’t even mention his existence. Poor for Jenson Button!


Anyway, that is only happen in new Vodafone new VVIP campaign video. Along with Lewis Hamilton, Jenson Button played his character perfectly. A funny guy, handsome, a famous top F1 racer, in the real world no girl will attempt to refuse to be his girl friend or just go out for dinner. Doesn’t agree with me, feel free to watch the video closely and place your comments.