VolksWagen Buggy Up! Open Car, Let’s Make Beach Party!

Inspired by American Bruce Meyers, Volkswagen ups the Up! city car into a beach car, Buggy Up!. It’s completely different with other Up! models, completely open, doorless, no C-pillars and roofless. But it still carries Up! jargon, “small is great”.

However, it keeps most of its sibling city Up! car’s things. Beetle chassis, engine, gear, and drive technology of City Up! are carried and replaced the steel bodies with glassfibre. It also features completely waterproof interior with 58mm lower neoprene-covered seats. It gives you Go-Kart driving experience. So, It’s Up! but It’s Buggy, right?

At the case, you are in everlasting rain; you can use the bootlid for safer driving. And you could remove the integrated modules completely, including the loudspeakers, to make a little beach party. And believe me! You will have more attention from girls around.

Fashioned in 3,584(L) x 1,641(W) x 1,288(H)mm and 18-inch wheels, Volkswagen Buggy Up! car has seized the attention of many visitors at Frankfurt Motor Show 2011. Here is the interesting phrase of a short conversation of the picture above on sexy white girl’s group.

Cute man (talking to the girl) : Surely, I will buy this car at the end of next year. Would you go to make a beach party with me at that time? Can I have your number?
Girl (a little surprised): Really! Did you order it already? How much?
Cute Man : Not much, just GBP 10,000
Bald Man (in his mind):  Liar, the company didn’t even announce that this car will be in the next production line. [Dandy Gadget Source]