What’s The New iPhone Like?

The iPhone 5 is made from aluminum to ensure that it lasts longer and is shatter proof. It is very slim and very light at just 112g due to a different use of materials, and also a brand new connector called the ‘Lightning Port’ which is much smaller than the previous iPhone connector.

All of the design differences on this phone have enabled Apple to streamline the look of the phone, and the new connector can be plugged in any way which just adds to the convenience. The bigger 4-inch display allows for more icons on the screen, and also a better viewing experience of videos – because it now fits the ratio of videos, there are less black bars.

The iPhone 5 has a new processor called the A6, and you will notice the increased speed when loading apps, when downloading items, and generally swiping and navigating around your phone. Call quality is very clear due to the three microphones placed at the top, bottom, and back of the phone.

The camera is 8 megapixels, similar to most competitive smartphones – but the smaller touches such as the ability to get good quality photos in low light, and video stabilization, give this phone the edge when it comes to creating pictures and videos. Panorama mode has also been introduced, so you can take pictures while moving around 360 degrees, and an amazing panoramic picture will be created for you. The app guides you through taking your picture, making sure you don’t go too fast.

Another great feature of the camera is how fast you can take pictures. It’s 40% faster than its predecessor and makes you feel like you are taking the shot almost as soon as your finger hits the button. You can happily keep clicking away in the knowledge that it’s capturing everything for you.

All of these features and more make this undoubtedly the best smartphone available right now, you won’t find any better mobile phone deals available on the web than this.