When People, Cars, Society, Fashion and Business are Linked! Toyota Fun Vii Future Concept Car

At future, people want to live as simple as they can. They want to enjoy their life as much as they can. Believe me, if they need something, they will look on a thing that could linked all of their need or at least more than one purpose. A new Toyota concept car, Fun Vii, is trying to answer about future car to reality.

This future car is not designed only to carry you around your town. Its body is moving screen that could display your message or make a call to your friend as well as you could use it as a moving campaign of your product.  When the time you got bored with its color, you don’t need to do special painting by expert. You just need to download the wallpaper screen from your Smartphone apps, choosing the best color or art based on your need, fashion and emotion.

I do not know completely about this new EV car. It probably comes with retina-scan door lock.  As you see at images. Every each control comes from the touch panel screen. Perhaps, again perhaps, you might drive this thing by your finger or your sound. At its final form, it might come with wireless charging system.

It’s a dandy car, future car. However, it left me a question. It is an electric car, right? When we turn on all features and push this car to walk, how much time will this car give to us before its battery empty? If you know the answers, please let’s me know.

Fashioned in 4,020(L) x 1,745(W) x 1,415(H) mm with 2,750 mm wheelbase, Toyota Fun Vii concept car is showing its pretty dance at Tokyo Motor Show 2011. After looking its features, I guess this concept is not going to be on production line soon, 2020? [Dandy Gadget Source]