Which One is the Most Suitable? 2012 Swatch New Gent Lacquered Fun Watch

Lets start with a simple question: Which one is the most suitable person to wear this new watch? (look at the picture below). If you answered the girl with white dress, you are more man than I’m and I’m at the front line in supporting you.

Swatch_2012_New_Gent_Lacquered_Collection_Watch_Fun_Colors_Chen_Bo_Lin_Sexy_Teen_Chinese_Model_Dandy_Gadget_TimepieceYes, she’s cute, sexy and hot. However, that’s not the main point of my choosing. The watch itself, 2012 Swatch New Gent Lacquered, brings small plastic case, silicon strap, with too many colors on its naked dial. Every each part of its mechanism has its own colors. The combination between those fun colors leads the watch become more feminine than masculine. It’s a sexy watch, not for man, right? I remember what my grandmother said “too much is not what a man used to have”, too much talk, too much think, too much eat, too much is girl’s thing.

2012 Swatch New Gent Lacquered watch is available now in ten colors option: SUOB101 (black), SUOP100(pink), SUOW100 (white), SUOV100 (purple), SUON101    (indigo), SUOO100 (orangish), SUON102 (Blue Grey), SUOG103 (green), SUOJ100 (yellow), SUOR101(red). With only 50-euro price tag, this watch is a perfect Valentine gift for your girlfriend. [Dandy Gadget Source]