Winnebago 2012 Era Motor Home, Lets Have Fun Together!

Have you decide what you should do for your next holiday season? Going a vacation with whole family members, have fun together is the most resonable option, right? Here is the new Winnebago class B motor home, 2012 Era, should take your vacation just like you are moving your home to other location.

Long trip or sort trip? No problem, the 2012 Era is powered by Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 chassis. The new car can beat every kilometers you want and takes you on fuel-efficient adventures, achieving 18-19 mpg. And you can say to your child,”we will see soon a beautiful lake”.

Featuring stylish 70X floorplan, the 2012 Era motor home serves everything you need like home does. When you get tired, stop the car, rotate the front sit, and have a joke with others. You might also ask your wife to make some cup of coffee while watching television or a movie from DVD/CD player or take a rest on 80-inch bed at back area. Or taking a bath, the bathroom is placed at the right side. Then, you can continue your trip.

Winnebago 2012 Era motor home  is available now in MSRP $94,093. You can also have an option to add other things with additional fee. So lets have fun together! [Dandy Gadget Source]