Word on The Street gives your brain more fun! Out of the Box Word on The Street Expansion 1

Designed for giving a pleasure to you and your friends and entire family, Out of the Box adds an expansion set to its brainstorming game, Word on The Street.

This expansion 1 set will bring 432 new categories, additional cardholder and timer. Surely it provides more exciting game among you and your friends. As it expands the categories, it means to win the game the player must store many vocabularies inside his/her brain and loud it in limited time.

For you who do not know how to play this game, I will explain in short word. For the first step, you should arrange two teams. Then place the 17 letters title in the middle lane. The first team will loud a single word according to the release-out category from cardholder. If the answer is correct, the team will move the letter that included in his word to his side one lane. The winner is decided by the team that already captured eight letters out of the street or out of the board. It’s a simple-fun game to keeping keen your brain, right?

By the way, Out of the Box Word on The Street Expansion 1 is going to hit market in March 2012 in MSRP $15.99. If you still have questions around this game, you should come to AITF 2012, this game will be there. [Dandy Gadget Source]