The trend is back, Wysips solar smartphone!

There was ton of solar smartphone at MWC  2009, but then the trend disappeared. We didn’t catch big foot of them at the next event. But now the wave of solar trend, probably, will be back soon, as the a French company,  Sunpartner Grup, is demoing the powerful of their magic solar screen, Wysips, at MWC 2013.

The Wysips Crystal technology is able to generate 2.5 mW/cm2 electric power to supply the battery of smartphone or other electronic devices by converting light energy of natural sunlight or artificial light into electric power through a 90% transparent screen with 500 micron thick. Thus, it gives an unlimited energy source to a mobile device. Directly it makes a mobile device greener and the battery life is no longer as a nightmare. So, we don’t need to bring a portable charger or an additional battery, right?

As it’s a transparent screen with so thin thickness, this screen can placed underneath the screen or above the screen. Either way, it doesn’t change the appearance and the capability of  mobile device when this screen implied to it.

According to the company, they will increase the ability of the Wysips to reach twice more powerful than current state, 5mW/cm2 by the end of 2014.

Sunpartner-Grup-Wysips-screen-componentThe release date and pricing
If you want to know how powerful Wysips Crystal technology is, you just need to make a visit to their booth at MWC 2013, Barcelona. Meanwhile for a real solar smartphone with this technology, Sunpartner Grup is going to launch it to market in the end of this year. Ehmmm, love to wait!