Xi3 Z3RO Based Modular Network

Xi3 offers you an interesting based modular network, Z3RO which is designed in compact aluminum casing for only 4.9375 X 3.625 X 1.6875 inches, and weighs 11.52 ounces. Coupled with Xi3 Modular computer, you can have 4 separate computers by pairing 3 Z3ROs at once to a Xi3 modular computer through USB cable that can work perfectly up to 15 feet long. Thus, Z3RO provides you most cost, space and energy saving.

Moreover, you can attach Xi3 Z3RO module to every mounting screws or bolts enable surfaces. If you please, you can mount the device to your Sony Bravia KDL-HX820 3D HD TV. Just mentioned, by heaving  the one Xi3 modular computer with 3 Z3ROs, don’t expect to much for the performance but it’s more than enough to roll your basic computing such as word processing, working on spreadsheets, surfing the Web or running business apps. (image below is Xi3 modular computer)

Xi3-Modular-computer-rear-left-dandy-gadget-computersNevertheless, with only $350 $1400 for one Xi3 modular computer and 3 Z3RO modules in one package you get a very-very attractive offer. It means you just need to pull your $350 for each computer station. Unfortunately,  you need to wait until the end of March 2011 if you want to order a lot because right now the gadget is available in limited quantities. Did you see its demo at CES 2011? [Dandy Gadget Source]