Casio XJ-S32 Super Slim Projector, Need a Classroom Projector?

This Dandy Gadget: You don’t need to tell me! Yepp, this new Casio projector, XJ-32, is having similar design and size as XJ-S42. They are twin. Of course, you could fit this one to your briefcase also. And one more, it’s also in white.

However, this new projector comes with lower output at 2300 ANSI lumens output. But, if you decided to find a better price for your classroom, this one suits your need. It’s $200 cheaper than the XJ-S42. Still, it features DLP projection technology which boasts 1800:1 contrast ratio, RS-232 port, 2x wide-angle optical zoom, and soon like XJ-S42.

With only MSRP $1,099.99 price tag, do you need a classroom projector? Did I mention wireless remote control?