Yet Another Luxury Creation, Amosu Black Diamond BlackBerry Bold 9780

Think Luxury Think Amosu! It’s not just buffy words, recently Amosu unveiled a new luxury BlackBerry creation which is fashioned using 1400 diamonds (approx 15cts brilliant cut VVS1) on the 18ct black gold.

The price is set at £16000. But if you use your own BlackBery, the cost for to be like this one is around 15300 (assumed the BlackBerry price is £700). Moreover, this smartphone comes with a special unique UK number ending with six consecutive digits and a crocodile case in any color as you wish.

Like always Amosu, you have an option to personalised the gadget with your name, or you company logo or your lovely daughter (at image, stacey) and add other luxury materials as well. As note, those are not for free.

Anyway, your black gold and diamonds could be reused  to your others gadget if you wish to. And once again, that is not for free also. Gold or black gold diamonds? [Dandy Gadget Source]