Your Iphone 4S Could Do Payment too! Ottocase Nicea Croco Red iPhone 4S Leather Purse

I am not talking about online payment such: Google Wallet or PayPal. We are discussing about this new Ottocase Nicea Croco Red leather purse that exclusively housing your iPhone 4/4S with suitable pockets for storing your credit cards, money or IDs.

Without doubting its fashionable appearance with sexy croco red color, this new case simplifies your life. You don’t have to pocket another wallets. Just cased your iPhone 4 or 4S using this Nicea Book, and store your money, credit card, and so on, you are already in full ammunition-load for your shopping season. Plus, it also gives you full access to your iPhone’s interfaces and functions such: camera, speaker, earphone, and more, like your naked iPhone. Yes, this wallet case makes your iPhone a little thicker.

Ladies, this Nicea Book Croco Red Lethear Pulse is going to hit market in February 3, 2012 in MSRP $56. If you want to see this gadget closely, you need to do a visit to Ottocase’s booth at CES 2012. As note, you could also pre-order it right now. [Dandy Gadget Source]