ZOWIE GEAR IO1.1 Gaming Bundle With Microsoft Intellimouse Optic

This Dandy Gadget: To play game for gamers it’s not only you should understand the way to reach the victory but how you should finished your duty as fast as you can. To achieve that goal a lot of aspects impact, one of thus is the accuracy and speed of your mouse. Today Zowie Gear presents to you, Zowie Gear I0 1.1 gaming blundle, which contains a special Zowie Edition Microsoft Intellimouse optic 1.1, Zowie Gear G-RF mouse pad, Zowie Speedy skatez, and CO/GENES mouse bag.

Zowie Gear G-RF mouse pad will surely offer your mouse a fine well surface for your accuracy. With water splash proof in 440x380x4mm will keep your mouse pad in well condition, although it got dirty, you can clean, dried and it will function as well as the beginning of used. You cannot find this featured on other mouse pads. More Zowie skatez also eliminates the absorption of dust and other particles in glue beneath the skatez. Thanks to CO/GENES mouse bag, you can take your mouse to wherever your tournament is being held.

Zowie Gear IO 1.1 Gaming Bundle is available for $89.99. For your pleasure and victory, I think, it’s a right compensation. [Dandy Gadget Source]