2013 Samsung Bedding cleaner, so cute!

Due to mixing fun into cleaning activities, Samsung unveiled a new bedding cleaner that having cute design with brightful color. With ergonomic handling and compact size, this new cleaner allows you to clean your bedding while lying on your bed.

Of course, as the main point of cleaner is to re-hygiene your things. It comes with UV germicidal lamp and a 2000 times per minute rotating anti-bacteria brush. Those ensure no battery, no dirt, and no mites on your bedding. More, it also includes a large 350ml dust bin with HEPA H13 filter and five LED lamps on the front brush for ensuring more everything is clean.

Samsung-bedding-cleaner-yellowThe release date and pricing
2013 Samsung Bedding cleaner is available now at Korean market for around MSRP $269.99.